My name’s Sabrina Pastacaldi.

I was born in Turin but very early moved to Como mountain area (Lake Como and Triangolo Lariano area), where I have been working as an interpreter and translator of technical texts from English and French, as well as an event planner (scientific meetings and music and cultural events).

But then passion for travels has prevailed, where travelling means living people everyday life and traditions; passion for nature to be experienced slowly and deeply; passion for authentic culinary traditions allowing us to get to know extraordinary places and stories.

So, here I am, looking forward to sharing with you nature and its magic and the desire to experience local traditions in countries whose remoteness and differences tickle our curiosity.

Lombardy member LO639

Spoken languages:
Italian, English and French



A Nature Guide is an expert who can safely accompany people in nature providing technical support and describing aspects and issues related to nature, local culture and human impact, regardless of the altitude but without the use of  crampons, axes and ropes; besides, it can be a valuable partner for protected areas as far as projects related to communication, diffusion and accessibility are concerned.

AIGAE (Italian trade organization) Nature Guides are committed to continuous training and update which is a guarantee of professionalism and competence.

Walking safely, sharing knowledge,
exploring and having fun!

Carefully planning and designing an itinerary, whether it is an excursion or a journey, means having your safety at heart and being able to properly evaluate your ability to participate considering your interests, physical training and expectations.

A detailed planning considering cultural features and points of attention along the path will be guarantee of fun, relaxation and enrichment!