Taking a break from everyday rush by walking slowly in Nature;
enjoying all the benefits and secrets by losing ourselves in its beauty.
Lake Como Mountains - Lombardy
Tailor-made Excursions
No matter it is to celebrate your birthday, or another important occasion, or to spend at best your holiday in Lake Como area and Lombardy, we can arrange together your trekking or hiking in nature so that it fits you as perfect as a comfortable hiking boot.
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Team-building Excursions

Enjoying an excursion in nature and sharing a unique experience to improve relationship within members of your team: sharing readings in a unique place, stone-balancing technique, cooking-class experience.

School Projects
Learning by making direct experience, by playing and engaging all our senses; going back to nature to familiarize with the environment, and thus love and respect it.
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About me
My name is Sabrina Pastacaldi
I am a Nature Guide, member of the Italian Professional Organization AIGAE – Lombardy LO639.

Let’s share the emotion of a full-immersion experience in nature to discover magic in any season; let’s share the desire to taste local traditions and flavours wherever we go; let’s experience countries whose remoteness and differences tickle our curiosity.