Cooking Lesson
Walking in nature helps to relax and recover inner equilibrium and equilibrium with the world around us.
Through woods, pastures, and panoramas you will reach a cosy family-run farmhouse where cooking skills can be shared with your colleagues; blending laughs, chats, thoughts, stories and ingredients to cook a unique recipe to be finally enjoyed all together.


It is an easy walk in nature and in our heritage; fountains made using ancient stone tombs, erratic boulders giving evidence of the presence of an ancient glacier, restored farmhouses and cow barns.

Views on Lake Como and on the Grigna Mountain Chain and thick forests of chestnut and beech trees up to a family-run farmhouse where you will experience local cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

An experience which will free your cooking creativity, bringing back childhood memories and flavours when you cooked with your nanny; special moments to be shared while mixing, blending, kneading, cooking and finally tasting.

Return to Valbrona will be along a quite different but easier and nice path.

Do not hesitate to contact me so that the experience is your taste!

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