Playing, wondering, experiencing with all our senses as a way to learn;

going back to nature to familiarize with the environment and learn to love and respect it

Physical and emotional benefits we can get by going into nature are countless.

Nature helps us learning by exploring and experiencing involving all our senses.

Being in nature helps us overcoming highly stressful situations and never more so than today, all of us, and mainly children and teens, need to bridge the gap between nature and ourselves.

Walking in nature to get to know the trees, to find out bashful and shy animals living in the woods; discovering why mushrooms, trees as well as nearly invisible animals and even the soil we walk on are all essential for the environment and for human beings; observing how the landscape has been transformed by time and by human impact; finding out nature masterpieces!

Each project will be arranged and planned according to the age of the children/teens and the time at our disposal.

Quotes on request to meet children/teens and teachers’ requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact me
in case you need any information or quote
Touching Nature
learning by recognising Nature in our fingers
Observing Nature
learning by finding out the microworld and other animals living in the wood
Listening Nature
learning by listening and creating sounds in nature, by making stories from sounds
Eyes in our eyes
learning by observing and recounting nature through the pictures taken by our eyes
Nature is art in itself
learning by focusing and drawing nature so to emphasize magic and details
Colours in nature
learning by experiencing and observing colours in nature