Stone-Balancing in the Enchanted Valley
Walking slowly and observing nature which becomes part of ourselves; in the enchanted valley the stream will enhance this meditation practice to improve our mental sensitivity and the perception of the exchanging energies between the individual and the stones. 

It is an easy excursion (200 m difference in altitude) starting from Albavilla and running among chestnut and oak woods and sedimentary rocks embroidered by moss; we will finally reach the enchanted valley where the calmness of the place will cuddle us and our inner energy will be inspired by the stream and its multicoloured stones: from calcareous grey stones to red ammonite stones including all the shades in between.

Stone-balancing practice should help to recover inner equilibrium as well equilibrium with the world around us thanks to energies passing from stones to individuals.

Even though it is an easy itinerary on paths and mule tracks, hiking shoes with good gripping soles, preferably in Vibram material, are requested in order to walk safely on the stream rocks.

Difference in altitude: 200 m

Actual walking time: 3 hours

Do not hesitate to contact me to arrange your experience
so that it is in balance with your interests.