Participant to the excursions are required to:

  • comply with the scheduled programme and with anychange decided by the Guide due to force majeure.
  • be in good physical conditions and wear suitable outfit as recommended by the Guide in the relevant excursion programme, according to season and type of event; if it is not the case, the Guide is unquestionably entitled to exclude the Participant from the excursion in order to guarantee safety for both the person concerned and other Participants. When the exclusion is justified, no refund at all is
  • behave properly towards other Participants to the excursion and comply with the rules given by the Guide as to group management, namely in case of emergency and danger.
  • prevent the Guide before abandoning the group for any reason. The Guide is not responsible for people walking further ahead of the Guide.
  • respect the environment; collecting or intentionally damaging flowers, trees fossils and the like is strictly forbidden; waste has to be taken at home.
  • prevent the Guide in case you would like your dog to participate to the excursion , so that we can evaluate whether it is possible and how. We have to consider that the group is formed by people who do not know each other; dogs must compulsory be on a leash all along the excursion; the Owner Participant is solely responsible for the dog  and its behaviour and for any problem or damage directly or indirectly caused by the dog. In case the Participant doesn’t prevent the Guide concerning the presence of the dog or the rules cannot be complied with, the Participant and his dog can be excluded from the excursion in any moment. When the exclusion is justified, no refund at all is provided.
  • co-operate for the success of the excursion by complying with the decisions taken by the Guide, namely in case of danger such as worsening weather conditions, sickness of a Participant…to name a few.

Participants are personally liable for any behaviour which could cause damage to themselves and to third persons, mainly in case they take decisions against the advice of the Guide.

Participation fee only includes liability insurance; no injury insurance coverage is provided to Participants to the excursion.  It is advisable to take out a suitable injury insurance.

EIC Organization offer an annual injury insurance which can be activated by the Trip&Trek app and amounting to 10 euros per year, per person. The insurance is valid 1 year whenever you participate to an excursion with and AIGAE Guide. For more details, please contact

Excursions and experiences are confirmed upon achievement of a minimum number of participants shown on the programme (and up to a maximum number of participants). Minimum and maximum number of Participants are decided by the Guide according to the type of activity and the required effort. Registration is confirmed upon receiving the full amount/deposit (if it is the case) of the participation fee.

In case the minimum number of participants is not achieved, the Guide can decide to cancel the excursion/experience or alternatively offer it at a higher fee to cover all expenses.

Minors must be mandatorily accompanied by an adult taking their responsibility.

By accepting this rules, the Participant declare under his own responsibility to be healthy and in good physical and psychological conditions to participate to the excursion. The Participant also declares having provided the Guide all the information needed to properly evaluate his physical conditions and level of fitness being appropriate.

Photo and Video shooting

Participation to the excursion/experience implies the authorization to release on the internet (facebook, instagram, websites, to name a few) photos and video shootings taken during the excursion/experience by Participants and/or by the Guide for private and advertising purposes. In case you do not want to be shooted, please prevent the Guide immediately before the beginning of the excursion/experience.

Participants are kindly asked to switch off their mobiles, disable the ringtone, or, in case of need, to use them discreetly, in order not to disturb the atmosphere of the group.

GPS tracks recording

It is forbidden to release GPS tracks recorded during the excursion, in respect of the professionalism of the Guide.

Cancellation by the Participant

In case of cancellation by the Participant within 3 days before the event, the amount paid will be considered valid as a voucher for a following event. Any cancellation after that term will not be refunded.  Deposits are not refundable.
Vouchers are valid for 1 year from date of the excursion booked.

In case the Participant decides to interrupt the excursion, the amounts paid (including balance) will not be refunded and the Guide will not be held liable for any claims or damage.

Cancellation by the Guide

The excursion could be cancelled or postponed due to force majeure and the amounts paid will be refunded except for bank charges and other costs which do not depend on the Guide’s will.

The excursion can be cancelled and/or interrupted anytime at the Guide’s absolute discretion,  in case  safe and proper conditions cannot be guaranteed  (eg in case of sickness and/or injury of one of the Participant, worsening weather conditions…and so on).


To participate to an excursion, please buy and pay the relevant event directly on the website or contact me.

Participation to the excursions implies unconditioned acceptance of this regulation.

Participation fee only includes accompanying fee. Any extra cost will be paid separately on site unless otherwise stated (eg tour operator quote).

Before subscribing, please read “difficulty level” and “equipment required” sections so that you can verify the excursion meets your expectations. In case of doubts, please do not hesitate to contact me.

As to car-sharing to the meeting-point, please contact me directly and I will get in touch with participants willing to share transportation. It will be up to you to agree on costs to be shared.

Owing to the present pandemic, some rules have to be complied with during excursions in order to reduce risks of infection. Participants are requested to behave properly and honestly and to be adaptable in case of decisions to be taken according to rules concerning containment measures in force, which can suddenly be changed.

  • Maximum number of participants: 15.
  • Participation is subject to the following conditions:
  • The Participant have got NO flu symptoms (on the day of the excursion and on the previous days)
  • The Participant is NOT subject to quarantine restrictions
  • The Participant have NOT come into contact with people resulting positive to covid test or people who have got flu in the previous 14 days.
  • Participants are requested to fill in the self-certification provided and concerning personal good-health conditions, to be given to the Guide on the day of the excursion.
  • Private and public transportation must comply with containment measures in force. If it is the case, please aerate the car, wear face masks and sanitize hands.
  • During the excursion, participants are requested to keep interpersonal distance (2 m min.) in order to safely walk without face mask. Please wear your face mask when stopping or when interpersonal distance is not possible.
  • When meeting trekkers on the opposite direction, stop and let people go by safely, wear your masks and keep distance.

In case of flu symptoms or positive test results after the excursion, the Guide has to be immediately prevented in order to inform participants to the same excursion, in respect of the privacy policy.

For more information, please visit the Italian Health Ministry website

In winter as well as in summer, the advice is to dress in layers and to have a clean t-shirt to wear when reaching the summit or stopping for a long rest. Please carefully read the relevant section in the programme of the excursion you have chosen.

Clothe and equipment generally recommended:

  • Hiking shoes, preferably high laced-up and having soles in Vibram material; mainly when paths are rough and slippery
  • Rain and windproof cap/jacket such as a softshell (wind significantly reduces the temperature our body feels)
  • Water and e snacks (at least 1.5 litres of water per person are recommended); thermos bottle with hot beverages in winter is recommended.
  • Sun cap/beanie and gloves in winter
  • Fleece jacket or sweatshirt according to the season.
  • Sun-protection cream and sunglasses in summer and in winter on snow ground.
  • Hiking poles are recommended (telescopic poles are very handy); hiking poles helps to reduce considerably stress on joints and knees.
  • Backpack whose size can carry personal belongings (mainly spare clothes and food supplies) and having comfortable shoulder straps; as a general rule, to prevent injury, a full backpack should weigh no more than 15 to 20 percent of your body weight.